Thinking About selling your business?

UK has a proud tradition of talented entrepreneurs and business owners and there are many good businesses looking for a new owner to secure its future and potential. FC Group Invest want to fill the role of a new long-term owner for these companies.

We are keen to hear about your business, especially if it meets the criteria below:

  • My business has a turnover in the range of £3-£10M.

  • A business within the Engineering, IT, Manufacturing or Construction sector.

  • Proven sustainable business model.

  • Long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

If yes, then let's talk!

Just send us a short email here, and we'll send you a Zoom meeting link so we can have an exploratory conversation.

Abous Us

We are a group of seasoned professionals, based in Sweden and the UK, with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and a strong track record of delivering sustainable, profitable growth in businesses across a wide range of sectors both in the UK and Internationally.

Our approach is to identify businesses where the fundamentals are strong and the business owner would like to sell / step back / realise a return on what they have built and enjoy a better work/life balance.

We endeavour to respect the legacy of the business owner, the employees, customers and suppliers and support Management to take each business to the next level. In FC Group Invest's decentralized model, each company continues to be responsible for its strategy, competence supply and results.

Anyone who has started a successful company knows that it rarely happens overnight. In addition, each company is unique and has different conditions for success. Overall, therefore, perseverance and long-term perspective are required to create value over time, which has led to a philosophy where we:

- has no distant limit to our ownership horizon
- rewards long-term results over short-term ones
- strives to run companies with a sustainable business model
- has a strong focus on professionalism and business ethics